If you are unable to submit your cancellation on the website, please fill out this form and email it as an attachment to
acctorient@sfasu.edu or
fax it to (936) 468-6732.

Stephen F. Austin State University
Orientation 2018

If submitted before the two week deadline (freshman session) or one week deadline (transfer session) you will receive a refund, minus a service charge. Service charges are as follows:
$20 - Full Freshman Cancellation
$10 - per Parent/Family Member Cancellation
$10 - Transfer Student Cancellation
$5 - Transfer Family Member Cancellation

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Orientation Cancellation Agreement
You are required to read this statement. By checking the box next to this statement you are agreeing to the terms and conditions laid out in the statement below. If you do not check the box next to this statement, you will not be allowed to submit this application.

I understand the Orientation fee is non-refundable if I do not cancel at least TWO WEEKS prior to the Orientation session I am scheduled to attend, with the exception of Transfer Orientation which is ONE WEEK in advance. If my cancellation is received before the deadline, I will receive a refund, minus a $20 service charge for the student and $10 per parent/family member for Freshman Orientation. The refund for Transfer Orientation will include a $10 service fee for students and $5 for family members. This is refunded by crediting the studentís e-bill account. Students and parent/family members who do not notify the Orientation Programs office by the cancellation date or do not attend their scheduled Orientation session will forfeit their Orientation fees. This also includes cancellations requested the day of my Orientation. Refunds for students who are ineligible for admission must also be requested in the same fashion and must be accompanied by a copy of the ineligibility letter sent by the Admissions Office.

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