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Request to Establish a New Departmental Account (Fund - Org - Program) for Non-Grant Accounts

Account Name:
General Purpose:

Position to be Responsible:
Name of Present Incumbent:
Department Responsible:
Source of Funding:
If Restricted Funds, Name of Grantor/Donor:
(Attach letter, contract, budget and/or other instructions.)

Disposition of Fund Balance if Orignal Purpose is Completed:

Requested by:
Recommended by:
Phone # of Requestor:

*Please fill in proposed budget below.*
*New accounts will not be set up without a proposed budget included. These requests will be forwarded to the Controller's Office for approval. Once your account has been set up and budget approved, you will be notified of the new account number.*

  Account Amount
Sales & Services Pool 50F0 $
Gifts/Donations Pool 50E0 $
Transfer In 81 $
Total Revenues & Transfers In __________ $
    Faculty 670080 $
    Adjunct Faculty 670081 $
    Grad Teaching Asst 670090 $
    Professional Staff 670100 $
    Professional Addnl Comp 670102 $
    Grad Research Asst 670101 $
    Grad Admin Asst 670103 $
    Student Wages 670140 $
    Classified Monthly Salary 670150 $
    Classified Addnl Comp 670152 $
    Classified Hourly Wages 670153 $
Employee Benefits Pool 67B1 $
Travel Pool 71B1 $
O&M Pool 72B0 $
Capital Outlay 73B0 $
Scholarship Pool 74B0 $
Transfer Out 82 $
Total Expenditures & Transfers Out __________ $
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