Course Equivalency Guide

Guidelines for transfer work:

The equivalencies presented are accurate and complete at this time. Stephen F. Austin State University reserves the right to reevaluate the transferability of specific courses offered by other institutions, and to amend University course and/or program offerings without prior notice. The evaluation of academic semester hours and course work is the responsibility of the SFA Office of Admissions unless otherwise noted.

College preparatory course work in remedial math, reading and writing, as well as orientation and study skills courses are not transferable (N/A). While important to student success, these courses are preparatory in nature and do not satisfy college-level requirements at SFA.

T/V (Technical/Vocational) course work is considered for transfer only to the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences Degree. Course work transferability for this degree is determined by the College of Applied Arts and Sciences Dean.

Courses that transfer but do not have an exact equivalent number at SFA are listed with the departmental prefix and the level that they were taken (1---freshman level; 2---sophomore level). At the discretion of the major department chair and dean, these courses may fulfill specific degree requirements.

In applying for admission, repeated hours are included in the total of hours attempted. However, students benefit from higher grades earned from repeated courses. GPAs are computed on transferable semester hours only. Grades lower than C are transferable, but may not satisfy specific degree requirements. All college-level course work with grades of A, B, C, D and F is used in the GPA calculation to determine admissibility.

A maximum of 66 academic hours plus 4 hours of physical activity from community colleges will apply toward degrees at SFA. Choir and band courses are limited to 4 hours each, and Bible will be limited to 6 hours. All transferable hours will be evaluated for each student, and the student's academic dean will determine which hours to apply toward the degree. Semester hours but not grades transfer. The selection and/or change of designated major may affect the utilization of earned credits toward the degree.

SFA Course Equivalency for Community/Junior Colleges

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